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Jeans, prettified

In our house jeans are required to be “pretty” before M will wear them. I figure it’s less effort to make jeans “pretty” than to buy n-billion pairs of $10 tights which last maybe 2 wearings before M manages to rip the knees out of them, so we chat about what she wants on the jeans (this time she drew me a picture of morning glories and vines) and I embroider them.

My latest effort, modelled by M along with tap shoes* and a pink hoodie:

Maddy's jeans - front leg

Maddy's jeans - back pocket

*: No, I am not insane enough to actually buy tap shoes. They were gifted to her by her friend S who had outgrown them.

3 Responses to “Jeans, prettified”

K. says:

Very nicely done! I like those.

Robyn says:
Catharine says:

These are super-cute. I am totally going to need lessons from you in about five years.